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Theatre 101
  • GHSA - Georgia High School Association
    The objective of the Georgia High Scholl Association organization shall be the promotion of education in Georgia from a mental, physical, and moral viewpoint, to standardize and encourage participation in athletics, and to promote sportsmanship and an appreciation for and study of music, speech, and other fine arts through Region and State competitions. Milton Theatre will participate in the GHSA One Act Play competition which takes place in the fall semester. * Please check Milton Theatre Calendar for Dates and visit for additional information.
  • GTC - Georgia Theatre Conference
    The mission of the Georgia Theatre Conference, is “to encourage and coordinate a close relationship among the community, educational, and professional theatres in the state of Georgia; to aid in maintaining the highest possible quality of live theatre; and to promote and facilitate education in varied phases of the theatre. Membership is open to all individuals and groups who desire to participate in the work and programs of the Conference. The Conference’s annual convention takes place in various locations in Georgia. Consistently, it includes a Festival of One Act Plays. Milton High School will be competing for recognition as the best one-act performance in the state. Students also have the opportunity to see other performances and to attend many workshops on acting, auditioning, technical theater, dance and more. They can also obtain information about auditions for college scholarships and admissions. * Please check Milton Theatre Calendar for Dates and visit for additional information.
  • JIMMYS - National High School Musical Theatre Awards.
    The National High School Musical Theatre Awards® (NHSMTA) is a national celebration of outstanding student achievement in high school musical theatre that recognizes individual artistry in vocal, dance, and acting performance, and honors teachers and their schools’ commitment to performing arts education. NHSMTA focuses much needed attention on the meaningful work being done by dedicated teachers and students with wide ranging talents on and off the stage, engages families in the activities of their children, ignites new partnerships between theatres and the schools in their area, and contributes to the development of future audiences for live performing arts in communities across America. The Jimmy Award is named in honor of James M. Nederlander, legendary Broadway theatre owner and producer. The Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress and Best Performance by an Actor is awarded annually to two grand prize winners selected from a group of student performers representing the participating professional theatres. Winners are selected by a panel of industry experts. Visit for additional information.
    LeadCon, short for Leadership Conference, gives opportunities to promote and develop student leadership in Georgia’s Thespian troupes. * Please check Milton Theatre Calendar for dates and visit for additional information.
  • SHULERS - Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards
    Fashioned after Broadway’s Tony Awards, the Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards are designed to celebrate and recognize excellence in Georgia’s high school musical theater programs. The program is designed to celebrate high school musical theater, not to compete schools against each other. School productions are evaluated on how well each production is meeting or exceeding its own potential. Each production is adjudicated and scored against itself for consideration, rather than against all other school productions, charging schools to create the best possible work in their unique circumstance and environment. The program uses the awards show format but emphasizes celebration, community and camaraderie among all schools. During the awards evening, there are moments when the student nominees perform together, and each participating school is asked to assign two students to perform with others for the opening and finale numbers of the event. * Please check Milton Theatre Calendar for Dates and visit for additional information.
    Georgia Thespians is an organization for high school and middle school students dedicated to excellence in theatre arts. It is a chapter of the Educational Theatre Association. Their annual conference, commonly referred to as ThesCon, takes place in February in Columbus, GA. This conference features numerous productions presented by high schools from throughout the state plus a variety of workshops led by theatre professionals from around the country. Students will also perform and vie w individual performance and tech events, audition for scholarships, talk to college representatives from around the country, shop with commercial vendors selling theatre merchandise, and hang out with over 3,000 other Georgia Thespians. * Please check Milton Theatre Calendar for dates and visit for additional information.
    A musical play is form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of dialogue and singing between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading. The term "Musical" refers to a play based on music, dance, and songs sung by the play's characters.
    A one-act play is a play that has only one act, as distinct from plays that occur over two acts, with an intermission between acts. One-act plays may be musical or straight plays and consist of one or more scenes. Milton Theatre presents two one-act plays during the fall semester, the plays are also sent to participate to the Georgia Theatre Conference or the Georgia High School Association One-Act Play compettition.
    A play is form of literature written by a playwright, usually consisting of dialogue between characters, intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading. The term "straight play" is refered to a non-musical play.
  • DROM
    DROM is a semi-formal, end of the year celebration and awards ceremony for the students and the parents of the Milton Theatre & Cirque programs. Multiple acknowledgments and awards are given out, and some fun skits are performed by the students. Look for invitations in the spring and plan on having a wonderful evening. *Please see Milton Theatre Calendar for Specific Date.
  • All Call
    This is request for volunteers to come help with a production. It is typically a volunteer call to help with major set construction.
  • Blocking
    Direction given to actors as to where they should stand or move to during the course of the play.
  • Call Time
    The time that all actors and crew are expected to be at the theater.
  • Callbacks
    The second round of auditions. Depending on the production, the director uses callbacks to select principal roles (having already selected chorus/ensemble during the first round), or the director uses callbacks to review his/her short list of potential cast members.
  • Cast Party
    The generic term for a party where all cast and crew involved with a production are invited to relax and have a good time after the opening night or last show.
  • Cue to Cue
    A rehearsal of the play, usually done during Tech Week, where you start at the beginning of the play, miss out long bits of dialogue where essentially nothing technical happens (eg no cues) and then skip forward to where something does happen, be it a lighting cue, sound cue, an actors entrance, a sequence where an actor has to get off to do a quick change and then back on again. It will involve all important happenings such as a song, a battle or a difficult sequence with props.
  • Curtain Call
    When the actors come out at the end of the show to take their bows.
  • Dress Parade
    When the actors dress up in their brand new costumes and stand in front of the Costume Designer and the Director to see how they look.
  • Dress Rehearsal
    A rehearsal, typically within the last week before a show opens, where the actors will wear their costumes during the run of the show.
  • Dry Tech
    The first technical rehearsal, without actors (therefore, without costumes and props) so that lights, sound, and running crew can rehearse their parts.
  • Line
    The words that the actors speak during a performance. Also, during rehearsals, the term actors use to let the stage manager know they don’t remember what to say next and that they need to be prompted.
  • Off-Book
    When an actor no longer uses his or her script to deliver lines.
  • Paper Tech
    A meeting of the Director, Stage Manager, designers and, often the crew chiefs. This is where all the light changes, sound changes, props movements, fly movements and other backstage activities that occur at specific points are precisely determined and are documented in the Stage Manager’s script and by each designer and crew chief.
  • Places
    When actors and technical crews have been told that the production will start within five minutes and they are to be in place and ready.
  • Production Meeting
    Gathering of all departments (lights, costumes, props…) to discuss how preparations are going toward opening night.
  • Prop
    Those objects that an actor works with during the production that are not costume pieces.
  • Running Crew
    The technical crew who move furniture on and off the stage, bring in backdrops and other large set pieces.
  • Set Dressing
    The things that make the set look real but are never touched or moved by an actor (like the books on a bookcase).
  • Strike
    When you tear down the set, or you remove something (‘strike the candle stick’ means to take it off the stage). Every cast member is required to participate in the strike of the set, ususally a day after last show.
  • Tech Week
    The week before the show opens. Rehearsals are longer with full costume and makeup as well as lights.
  • Techie
    All those people who work on technical crews for a show. Without them the show won't happen!
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