At this time, we are not able to hold auditions because we are not allowed to have students meet.  Cirque is not governed by GHSA’s rule and regulations like football, cheer, cross-country and band that do fall under GHSA decisions.

All Students not currently involved with Cirque but interested in participating should request to be placed in Cirque Fundamentals - 6th period, course number 52.0310000-6.  They should contact individual student’s counselor. As a reminder, both Cirque Performance and Cirque Fundamentals are year-long course commitments.

We will have placement auditions later, and only with students who are in Cirque Fundamentals. Last year’s Cirque Performance participants are automatically eligible to be in the class.  

Universal Remote Learning for Cirque will consist of conditioning and strength training to prepare for in-person rehearsals for the spring production.



Questions?  Contact Mr. Smith at .

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