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MASK - Milton Actor's Support Krew

MASK is a voluntary association of parents whose purposes are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our main objective is to enhance the learning opportunities for students at Milton High School in the Dramatic Arts.

Parent Volunteers and support are critical to the success of our program.

There are many opportunities for involvement with M.A.S.K. We have a dedicated Executive Officer Board made up of parents, while other parents serve as Project Leaders, and others are general volunteers. We do expect all parents who have a student in the program to commit to some level of involvement.  We welcome your help, whether it is many hours, or just a few.

Nicky Anderson
Laura Calvert
Kelly Thornton
Ally Hayworth
Rossy Finol-Bishop
VP Marketing
Maura Shorkey
VP Engagement
Jen Thompson
VP Ways & Means
Danna Lively
VP Events
Nia Thornton
VP Productions

2022-2023 MASK BOARD

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