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Spring Musical Callbacks


Matthew B

Lily T

Maggie B

Maddie A

Emily D

Jake J

Ava C

Lilly T

Darcy A

Caroline N

Molly L

Kyra R

Noah S


Abby L

Avery S

Ella S

Kara H

Kelsey C

Izzy R

Tegan A

Isabella F-B

Laylani T

Mary B

Caleb E

Journey T

Emma S

Brooke G


Full vocal callback folder that includes all of the music/tracks to include cast recording tracks, accomp tracks and tracks with ONLY the voice part to help you learn. 

Here’s the link:

Moment in the Woods- Baker’s Wife: Skeavers, Lilly T., Maddie, Emma, Emily D., Cassidy, Maggie, Ava, Avery (Be prepared for whole song but it may just be a cut)


Baker’s Reprise- Baker: Bing, Caleb, Jake


Giants in the Sky- Jack: Nick, Jake, Noah


Agony- Princes: Bing, Jake, Caleb, Noah, Matthew


I Know Things Now- Little Red- Laylani, Lilly  , Isabella F-B, Mary


On The Steps of the Palace- Cinderella: Laylani, Lilly T. Emma, Kelsey, Ava, Maggie, Isabella F-B. , Kiley 


Last Midnight- Witch: Mary, Cassidy, Ava, Maggie


Your Fault- Cinderella, Little Red, Baker, Witch, Jack- If you have a callback for any of the solo songs for characters listed be prepared you may be called to sing this number


Blue Skies- Jim: Caleb, Jake, Noah


Nothing More to Say-Linda: Maddie, Cassidy, Ava, Maggie


Shaking the Blues Away-

Bing, Nick, Jake, Caleb, Mary, Noah, Skeavers, Matthew, Laylani, Avery, Lilly T. Maddie, Emma, Emily, Kelsey, Cassidy, Ava, Maggie, Kiley, Isabella F-B, Darcy, Lily T. , Caroline. Keaton, Molly L., Kyra, Alex, Ella S. , Kara, Izzy, Tegan, Journey, Myra, Carys, Audrey, Brooke (ladies if you can please learn one of the inside parts -tenor/alto,- guys try to learn the parts)


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