Cirque 2021-22 Auditions


The following students are being called back on Thursday, April 1st.

Please be in the auditorium at 4:15pm; ready to warm up.


Ella Conklin

Elise Cornett

Carson Dean

Sarah Devoe

Matt Fisher

Julianna Gross

Catherine Hooker

Jenna Hosmer

Benjamin Kriegel

Lexi Lannone

Shea Lausier

Lev Lee

Samiyyah Leonard

Sofia Lombardi

Patrick McBride

Kenji McKeever

Sarah Perez

Jack Peznola

Sabrina Piscopo

Ellie Pozatek

Amelia Rupley

Cadence Thoman

Reese Thorton

Xenia Villa

Gabriella Zinezi

The directors reserve the right to adjust the audition, rehearsal, or show schedule which may include adding, extending and/or canceling rehearsals and performances when they deem appropriate or necessary.