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The 12th Annual Georgia High School Musical Theater Awards – Shuler Hensley Awards are Thursday April 16th, 2020.


For more information about Shuler Awards go to:



There is no guarantee that our production of Chicago will be nominated for the Shuler Hensley Awards, but historically we have received nominations. Regardless, many of our Milton directors, students and parents will want to attend. Nominations will be announced on Wednesday 3/25 at noon.


If our production of Chicago is nominated for OVERALL PRODUCTION or they win SHOW STOPPER

  • The cast will perform and stay backstage during the show. No need to purchase a ticket for your student. Tickets will still need to be purchased for crew and orchestra.

If our production of Chicago is NOT nominated for OVERALL PRODUCTION and doesn’t win SHOW STOPPER

  • Cast, crew and orchestra would need to purchase a ticket if attending the Shuler’s event.



MASK does its best to administrate the 100 tickets that each high school can purchase; however, there is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase tickets. STUDENTS and DIRECTORS will be given priority to purchase seats.


Tickets cost $37



Please understand that there are no guarantees that our seats will be exceptional, as 70+ High Schools will be represented.  Tickets will be assigned to you on a first come first served basis. Once tickets are purchased, they are yours.  All swaps, selling, etc. that may need to happen will be the responsibility of the ticket holder/individual purchaser.


Here's how it works.


1.       Tickets will be available for purchase at


Thursday March 25th at 12 PM

Shuler nominations are announced.

Friday March 27th at 12 PM  thru Saturday March 28th at 10 AM

Chicago student’s pre-sale (1 ticket per student).


Saturday March 28th at 10 AM

Chicago family’s tickets sale (2 tickets limit per family)

* While supplies last. STUDENTS & DIRECTORS will be given priority to purchase seats.

** Orders for more than 2 tickets per family will be adjusted down to 2 tickets.



In summary you will go to the Milton Theatre Company website and get your student ticket as needed. The following day you will go to get tickets for additional family members (2 tickets limit per family) if you wish to attend.


2. Hard copy tickets are mailed to MASK and will be distributed to parents as soon as we received them. Tickets will be assigned to you on a first come first served basis.


3. IF AVAILABLE, Tickets go on sale to the general public on March 30, 2020 online at


Please direct your inquiries to 

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