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Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana
Cirque Ktana

General Auditions: March 31st

Callbacks: April 1st

Cirque auditions are in the Auditorium

* Rising 9th graders will arrive once their school lets out.

** All students must be available for call-backs


Students and Parents interested in Milton Theatre Company’s Advanced Drama & Cirque classes next year are encouraged to attend an informational meeting.

Tuesday, March 3rd at 7pm
Blackbox Theatre (Room 7104)

Students and parents will learn more about our award-winning program from current students, parents and directors. After a brief presentation there will time for questions and answers.  Details about the audition process will be discussed.



(Please review the contract below prior to Auditions)

This document will give students and their families an idea of expectations of participating in advanced drama and/or cirque. In addition, students who are accepted into the program will be expected to sign a behavior and social media contract that will have clearly stated expectations and consequences. Parents will be asked to acknowledge this student contract as well.  Students will be held accountable to these behaviors and standards.

In addition, Cirque is a GHSA sanctioned sport and students are expected to comply with the 365 days/24 hours behavior standards per the Fulton County Athletic/Parent Handbook for GHSA Sanctioned Interscholastic Athletic Activities (Student Code of Conduct pp 8-11). Parents and students will be required to sign-off that they have read and understand the information in the “Handbook”.


All Cirque Performance Company Members and their parents are legal guardian are required to sign a Performance Contract. Cirque is now a lettering sport and as such, company members are a 24-hour representation of Milton High School. Therefore, participants must also sign a behavior contract and a social media contract as well.

At the Audition

Arrive at the audition 15 minutes before the start time. Sign in at table.

Dress comfortably but look professional.

Auditions will be done in groups with Mr. Smith observing.

After the Audition

Callbacks will be Wednesday April 1st.

Class placement will be posted on Friday, April 3rd. These will be available online at

Each student will be placed in the appropriate class – Fundamentals or Cirque Performance – where they will best benefit from instruction.

Please download and THOROUGHLY read the contract and understand that you will be held to these behavior and participation standards. You will be asked if you have read this contract.  

If you are admitted/cast in the Performance Company, be aware that you and your parents will need to agree to the terms and sign them.

Contract of Participation

Coming Soon



Larry Smith

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